For the Kisans

Product Features

Terrain Following Flight

Automatic Sprayer

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

Supports irregular land route planning

Real-time data display, monitor flight status

Integrated Fuselage Frame

The fuselage frame of Krishi is formed on one body, which simplifies the structure and improves the strength of the frame.

Krishi H-12 Transmitter

with digital video data transmission

Lighter & Waterproof

3-in-1 MIPI Camera

Ultra HD 5.5" high brightness display

with FHSS spread spectrum the full range of the H12 can reach 5-30Km

Super Easy to Use

Android system with powerful ground system with inbuilt battery and 6-20 hrs of endurance

Flight Controller

Autonomous operation, one-key takeoff & landing and terrain following system

Dual GPS

One time calibration without fear of environment interference and dual GPS configuration

Noise Reduction and Power Saving

Saves up to 15% electricity. The motor noise is reduced by 3 times

Safer flights and Redundant Backups

Comes with two barometers for safer flights

The Numbers

1.82 - 3.3 Acres

Spraying efficiency per flight

2 - 3 L/min

Nozzle spraying time

22 - 28 mins

Flight time of drone (ideal conditions)

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